We deal on Sales of Computers and Consumers  Electronics

The experience of numerous years in Nigeria enables our  customers to conduct business with great efficiency and effectiveness, both nationally and internationally. CSN Business technologies  serves customers in multiple sectors and each of its business units offers a comprehensive portfolio of ICT services and solutions to address today’s business challenges including high and increasing IT costs, inflexible legacy infrastructure and applications, and time to market pressure.
Our consolidated consulting model provides customers with highest efficiency and best results.

Application Services: consist of consulting, software development, implementation, release change/upgrade, optimization, testing and application management services.
Infrastructure Services: include infrastructure consulting, design, installation and configuration, consolidation and migration, operations support, managed services and outsourcing.
Consulting Services: include ICT strategy and business processes.


An IT consultant needs to possess the following skills:
·       Advisory skills
·       Technical skills
·       Business skills
·       Communication skills
·       Management skills
·       Advisory language skills
·       Business and management language skills
·       Technical language skills

Uwabson Business Enterprises  provides services across our entire global portfolio to ensure end-to-end solutions for our clients. Due to specific regional interest from our clients and prospects in Nigeria, we have tailored our portfolio to best serve the region with the following services and solutions:

  • System Integration
  • ICT hard ware and Software Support
  • Software Development solution
  • Application Management & Modernization
  •  Cloud Readiness Services
  • Application Operations for SAP Solutions
  •  Hosting Services (Server/Mainframe)
  • General System Maintenance and Technical support


This encompass computers, network connections (including wireless), data transmissions, communication devices, multiple points of monitoring, interfacing controls, sensors, and actuators. Some functions may be supported locally as well as supported by CSN. For the purposes of this RFP, electronic security systems or devices include:

1. Access Control (wired and wireless): are comprised of card reader, door contacts, electric hinge or power transfer (wired systems), door strike, latch, reader interface module, interconnecting power and communication wiring, head-end intelligent system controller. All systems must follow companies policies and standards. RFP 15-88 Access Control Systems Maintenance, Repair & Installation Services

2. Networked Video Surveillance (wired and wireless): are comprised of IP enabled cameras, interconnecting power and communication wiring via POE (power over Ethernet). Cameras must be connected to a POE enabled switch with ports enable on the appropriate security VLAN unless